How to improve business with these 3 questions

When you understand the answers with just three important questions, the surge in business profits you experience will surprise you. Great manufacture for a little effort.

And this is a question that you can only answer, it’s because ‘how to improve business‘ starts with you putting your sales message in front of your customer’s choice.

So let’s start and see the three important questions that can take your business to a possible level you can’t even imagine.

Now I know there are many suggestions for small business owners available, and a number of tips for small businesses too, but the important initial questions to improve business is this:

Question 1:

“Who is your customer?”

If you never think of asking yourself the question before, here are the second question that will help narrow the answer and keep you on track to improve business:

Question 2:

‘What or maybe two products / services that you sell / offer that stands the head and shoulders above everything you do in terms of profitability?’ Such things when you have completed sales or complete the work you say: ‘If only I could get more than them every week, I would laugh!’

After now Identifying your ideal customers, the secret is to refocus your efforts, refocus your business marketing strategy, and move heaven and earth to get out and track more than them.

Now, quickly speed up this process for you here is a question 3:

Question 3:

“Which business has the preferred type of customer who just identified? ‘

That means another business has dealt with your ideal customer category. The difference is that they sell different products / services with you, they are businesses that do not compete.

Because you might exercise, this business marketing strategy gives you access to other businesses obtained by hard customers, but will spend a small portion of the amount they spend to get this customer.

Many of these businesses will be around you, and will spend thousands of pounds or dollars for years on advertising and marketing.

So why other businesses allow you to access their customer base? And the answer is: ‘for part of a reasonable profit!’

Business owners often ask: ‘What a fair percentage for granted?’ And the answer is: ‘Be generous as you can.’

You clearly have to take into account the gain margins of the item and any labor time involved, especially if installation is needed. But in the end, it must win for all.

Question 2 revisited.

To develop your small business marketing strategy, look at two more. (Stop for a moment, go back and read again.)

Don’t you think that when you take a few minutes to answer that question, the answer you make will also help you decide which magazine / publication will be the best place for whatever ad you want to make.

You will find that placing a small cheap ad in publications that tend to be read by the ideal customer that you have now identified, maybe direct it to your web page where you can provide a large amount of detailed information, (while avoiding a high cost of a large magazine. Ads), will Working ten times better than ‘general purpose’ ads that are not focused and often do not cost more.

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