Tips For Choosing The Right Tent!

Before investing in a tent like Outdoors Tents for School, many factors must be taken into consideration. We have gathered in this post some tips that will help you choose your tent.

First, it is good to consider how many people this tent will be: family, couple, alone or friends? At this time, it is always good to remember that inflatable double mattresses measure an average of 1.40 x 1.85m. It’s always nice to buy a tent for 1 person more, for example, if you’re going to camp with 4 people, buy a tent for 5 or even 6 people so that you’re comfortable inside the tent, after all, you need to fit your bags too.

The second step is to analyze where you are going to camp, whether it will be structured camping, or wild camping, in the mountains, on the beach, and so on. All of this will determine which tent you will choose. If camping on the beach, for example, always prefer tents that are well ventilated. With the wind in the mountains, it is better not to choose tents that are too high.

The weight is very important if you are taking a trip walking or cycling, for example, you need small and very light tents and are resistant to rain and wind.

We always talk about the roof; we always like the roofs that cover the entire tent; that is, they go to the ground. We feel safer that way. But today, many tents do not have a roof but have a water column with more than 2000mm that resists heavy rains.

The tent’s seams must be sealed so that the drops do not enter the holes in the seam in case of rain.

The tent’s waterproofness is something without discussion, all must be waterproof, and we always give a tip to choose one with a water column of at least 2000mm.

Usually, Families and couples also look for comfort; it is necessary to opt for larger tents; some now come with past internal lighting, fan, internal side bags (trinkets). Tall tents have been much sought after due to the ease of, for example, being able to change calmly standing up, among other factors. Tents with advance or more than one room are very nice in rainy situations and in camping on the sand. It is always good to remember that the concept of comfort can vary significantly from person to person.

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