Smoking weed vs vaping weed the pros and cons.

Is smoking weed better than vaping weed? Sure! Is vaping marijuana better than smoking it? Maybe! It depends on the person and your personal preferences regarding health, style, or cost.

Vaping pros

The positive benefits of vaporizing marijuana are numerous, including a cleaner taste and the ability to control one’s intake. Smoking weed can be harsh on your throat, especially if you’re not used to it.
• More pronounced flavor. For those who prefer the taste of cannabis or hash oil, vaping is the best method for getting a clean, “unadulterated” taste. When you burn cannabis buds while smoking, they create a taste of more than just THC and CBD.
• Consistent intake. Vaporizing marijuana allows you to maintain your regular consumption very easily. Smoking marijuana is quite difficult to measure since you can’t easily control how much you’re consuming, and if you have a big appetite, you may end up taking in more than you intended.
• Efficiency. When it comes to your health, vaping is more efficient than smoking marijuana. Inhaling cannabis through a vaporizer can lead to a higher concentration of THC going directly into your bloodstream while reducing the number of carcinogens that enter your lungs.
• It’s safer than smoking. The amount of harmful toxins you inhale while smoking marijuana is significantly lower than smoking tobacco. Some professionals say that your body processes the way cannabinoids are safer than the way combustion of tobacco takes place.

Vaping cons

Can I save money by switching over to vaping? It can be a subject of debate. There are a lot of factors that affect your health, as well as the cost of your medicine, that will affect whether or not you save money by switching over to vaping.
• Typically requires an electric weed grinder. When you smoke marijuana, you’re essentially burning plant material. If this isn’t done correctly, it can lead to coughing and irritation.
• Must be charged or plugged in. Some portable vaporizers need to be charged or plugged in before being used. It can also be an inconvenience since it means you can’t use them while on the go.
• The learning curve can be (and often is) steep. Because so many different vaporizers work their way, it may take some time to learn how to vape properly. In the end, the amount of practice you need is up to you and depends on how frequently you want to use vaporizers.

Smoking pros

As mentioned before, smoking marijuana in a vaporizer can be safer than smoking it. Inhaling cannabis smoke through a vaporizer is not as harsh on your throat or lungs as smoking it.
• It tastes better. For those who prefer a more potent and unmasked taste of marijuana, smoking is an ideal way to use it.
• It’s easy to measure. Smoking weed allows you to control how much you’re consuming easily. Because of this, you can create a much more defined and predictable experience compared to vaporizing.
• It doesn’t require charging. It does not require a weed grinder. As a result, it’s an extremely convenient way of consuming cannabis.

Vaping pros

  • It’s healthier. Vaporizing does not pose the same health risks as a smoking weed because it eliminates the combustion process. As a result, most of the harmful toxins associated with combustion are eliminated from vaporization.
    • Most portables are capable of vaporizing marijuana. Because most vaporizers on the market can vape marijuana, it can be even more efficient than smoking.


Well, both methods have their pros and cons, so ultimately, you’ll need to decide what works best for you for your individual needs and circumstances. I prefer to vape since it’s healthier and I can control my intake. It’s also a lot easier to take more than one hit if I want to.

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