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To stay in the cutthroat competition, it is necessary for every company to remain one step before their competitors use every available technology. Companies must find out every way that might improve service and better customer experience. Furthermore, to acquire new customers, companies must employ more employees to meet customers to convince and educate them on the benefits that can be given to them. In addition, companies need to reduce operational costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

The introduction of greetings is technology that arises after almost 30 years of research and development. The introduction of greeting understands the words spoken by the customer and turn it into a computer that is understood.

Just as we recognize someone with his appearance and voice, in the same way, speaking technology can help devices observe the instructions spoken from the environment. By listening it is not striking and consistent, voice technology can store information into a program, help other sensory sources and help make a better situation image.

When this technology is included on the phone, each telephone transaction can be completed by 40 percent faster than pressing the button and listening to various options before reaching the desired option.

It is proven that behind every successful business, there is an effective use of technological innovation that increases employee productivity and operational efficiency. So the introduction of greetings can be the best investment for every company that aspires to become or remain in front of a high-performance organization.

New developments in voice recognition technology have enabled businesses to drastically improve their customer service. Voice recognition software can prove its relevance in any sector both medical services, call centers or agriculture. This can be used to increase productivity while reducing unnecessary workloads on employees.

Especially in the call center instead of involving employees in answering phone calls and repairing them to relevant customer service executives, software can handle the task, allowing employees to be positioned to handle more complex calls.
Simple calls can be handled through a system where customers can guide themselves with the answers they need. Because further integrated speech technology with a global positioning system, businesses can track the real location of their field agents.

In the early days the speech introduction technique has many weaknesses such as background noise or if someone sore throat or in different accents speaking with the system can confuse the system. This will make customer frustration. Now this technology becomes more advanced and can easily recognize it difficult to understand accents by means of people talking in various parts of the world.

The higher, the potential for the introduction of long-term greetings can be found in its ability to make businesses be more brilliant and higher value. Utilizing extensive cellular transmission, speech-based mobility solutions can be the best response to sustainable client connection problems and fulfillment. With sound biometric integration can successfully reduce fraud, and increase customer satisfaction. Therefore sound-based programs are the perfect alternative to present methods of using representatives and call centers, improve their protection and performance to enable sustainable development. Thus, the company can apply this technological innovation without worrying for security or compatibility for personal or professional use.

Voice and biometric sound recognition works on any mobile phone, allowing companies to connect with clients anytime regardless of geographical borders, and in any language. The main point here is that this application is truly a grace to increase customer satisfaction and help companies get back back

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