New technology develops the niche market

Pay-in-table tools big hit for restaurants

Attractive new wireless technology allows customers to pay their bills at the table are starting the revolution in the restaurant business in by serving more advantages and better customer service.

This has remained in power and built momentum. We have studied these new cellular units and new wireless technology for our restaurant merchant partners, and clearly and clearly why pay-on-table has taken off in Europe and Asia.

Everyone knows that traditional methods receive card payments from bad customer customers at the best.

The server must complete around 7 steps of payment time that includes

# 1, presents a check to the customer

# 2, go back to the table to receive a credit card for payment

# 3, leave a table with a customer card (causing the least anxiety) and

# 4, process payments without tip

# 5, return to the table and serve a credit card receipt

# 6, waiting for customers to calculate tips, add total and sign a receipt

# 7, take a signed receipt and then return to the processing terminal to edit the transaction with the included tip.

New technology bundled with wireless devices and our cellular payment solutions do not only eliminate these 4 steps but also allow customers to calculate tips automatically, use a debit card with their PIN, complete payment in a fraction of time and enjoy a larger size. Security by not submitting their cards that end when making a payment.

Values ​​are being developed in various niche markets such as medical type merchants, teeth and veterinarians by providing value features on the niche. For example ABC Mobile Pay is developing a ‘patient responsibility calculator’ that verifies and confirms the feasibility of an insurance carrier in real time and calculates accurate estimates about what patients owe depending on the procedure to be carried out and / or the service to be carried out is provided.

ABC Mobile Pay focuses on the restaurant room where iPad and / or iPod can display a menu that is tailored to rich colorful photos that make an unforgettable dining experience. This technology can be used quickly and leveraged into an increase in profit needed for business owners.

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