How Wi-Fi Signal Boosters Work: Do You Need Them?

Internet connections in some homes can weaken the further away a user gets from their router. If you experience connection issues in various areas of your house, you may be dealing with a wireless internet issue. Thankfully, you can fix this issue with a device known as a WiFi extender. This device connects with your router to extend the internet signal into rooms that don’t get a good connection because of furniture obstructions, walls, and other obstructions.

How W-Fi Extenders Work

Wi-Fi extenders or signal boosters amply existing signals to extend Wi-Fi network coverage space. For a Wi-Fi extender to work, a connection between a router and a wireless device must be established. The Wi-Fi booster will capture the transmission from your router and send it to any device with a turned-on Wi-Fi feature. Keep in mind that the booster does not strengthen the signal the router transmits. Once it gets the internet access from your router, it will broadcast its own signal into different areas in your house that used to be Wi-Fi dead spots.

The most important thing is to look for the right location for your extender. It must be close enough to the router to grab the signal; however, far away enough to re-broadcast this signal to the area or room where you need a stronger connection.

Should You Invest in a Wi-Fi-Extender?

Whether or not you need a wifi signal booster depends on your home’s current Wi-Fi coverage. If many areas in your house have weak wireless fidelity or do not get a connection, then it might be wise to invest in a booster. By having a Wi-Fi booster, you don’t need to buy extra cable or expensive networking gear such as hubs and switches. The Wi-Fi extender will improve your home’s wireless coverage. This means that more users can enjoy their gaming devices, work on internet-connected projects in a lot of areas in your house, or use the internet for their studies.

Keep in mind that some areas in your home may get a poor connection because the router is out of range in these rooms or there are obstructions such as thick walls or furniture. A Wi-Fi booster eliminates interference brought about by such obstructions.

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