A Buyer’s Guide To Buying A Kitchen Chimney

If you care deeply about keeping your kitchen clean, getting one of the best chimneys for your home becomes crucial. One of the most frequently found appliances in the modern kitchen, kitchen chimneys keep it squeaky clean. You need to understand all the factors you should take into account when purchasing a kitchen chimney from Fisher Paykel en inox by reading the following information.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing A Kitchen Chimney

While purchasing a new kitchen chimney might be quite beneficial, there are a lot of factors to take into account. You should inspect the kitchen chimney, which should have the following qualities depending on your cooking routine:

  • Suction power of the chimney
  • Kitchen chimney size
  • Design for kitchen chimneys
  • Ducting for kitchen chimneys
  • Cost

Types of kitchen chimney filters

There are different types of kitchen chimney filter you can consider are –

Cassette filter

These are kitchen filters where of aluminum meshes are stacked one on top of the other and. The air can pass through the gap present between the mesh. Material like oil and grease gets stuck in the mesh thread. In order to improve efficiency, it is crucial to ensure the cassette filter is cleaned periodically.

Baffle filter

The baffle filter is made up of several curved surfaces. When the air is forced through the baffle, its curved surfaces force the air to change direction, and the oil and particulates get stuck into the baffle filter. Baffle filters are low-maintenance equipment and need cleaning around once every 3 months.

Charcoal filter

Charcoal filters or carbon filters are made from charcoal. The main advantage of a charcoal filter is that it helps to eliminate any odors that might be present in the space. If there is no duct available or if you need to recycle, you can use the carbon filter along with a baffle or cassette filter.

Different Types of Kitchen Chimneys

Wall-mounted Chimney

The classic chimney, which is positioned against the cooktop and wall, is called a wall-mounted chimney. The hob is secured to the wall as well.

Island chimney

For kitchens where the counters are not joined to any walls, an island chimney is ideal. To prevent kitchen odors from escaping into the outside air in these types of kitchens, the island chimney must be positioned immediately over the cooktop.

Built-in Chimney

As the name suggests built-in chimneys are designed to fit inside wooden furniture that may be positioned against a wall.

Corner Chimney

Corner chimneys are the kinds of chimneys installed in the kitchen’s corner where the cooking surface and the hob are positioned against the wall.


Once you are certain of what you need, you can select the best kitchen chimney that not only meets all of your demands but also gives you the opulent appearance you have always desired.

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