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Part Five is the 5th episode of the HBO series, The Pacific. This is the first time we get to see Eugene Sledge in a major role, and the episode largely centers around him and Robert Leckie, as both of their respective units land on Peleliu. While the episode largely centers around. Action · Basilone's fame keeps him in the U.S. selling war bonds, Leckie rejoins his company, and Sledge is reunited with Phillips in Pavuvu. Apr 11, The Pacific moves along with a brief stop back in the U.S., before throwing us back into the heavy warfare. But this episode brings some changes to the mix and introduces a few new characters that provide some very different perspective of life on the front lines.

Apr 12, And so it all comes down to this. After four weeks of buildup and four weeks of sporadic combat, we finally get the Saving Private Ryan moment of The Pacific. In some ways, this comparison is inevitable, since both works were shepherded to the screen by Steven Spielberg (and Tom Hanks, in some. Stream Episode 5 of The Pacific: Part 5 online or on your device plus recaps, previews, and other clips. Apr 11, "The Pacific" opened with two episodes packed with action and tension, then took a break in Part Three for the extended stay in Melbourne, then went claustrophobic with a Part Four more concerned with the psychological damage of war than the physical. In Part Five, Eugene Sledge finally arrives in the.

Apr 15, But it reminds me of a running theme in The Pacific, one that war hero Basilone reiterates to a busboy asking for battle advice before enlisting. “Keep your head down and keep moving,” he says, a fitting statement for Part 5, with its faithful representation of the violent battles on Peleliu Island. In a twist, the. Synopsis. The true horror of conflict erupts off the screen in this astonishing instalment of The Pacific, as Eugene Sledge and Robert Leckie hit the beach on the island of Peleliu and the series reaches its tipping point into a full-scale depiction of the awesome scale of war's destructive power. As with Saving Private Ryan's.


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