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Minecraft land of ooo mod download

Minecraft land of ooo mod

8 Oct This is a tech heavy modpack. The mods were picked according to how much Timmy liked the Logo. With this modpack you can recreate your favorite TV show's adventures. Or, more likely, you will be able to create some wicked redstone machines or become a vampire. Have Fun! McJtyLib (by McJty). Hey guys I hope you enjoy the map. New Quest Find all of the music discs and enchanted books across The Land Of OOO New Feature Companions are they Companions are Adventure time characters powered by redstone. 2. How do i get them There's a new building behind the Tree House called The. Hey guys I hope you enjoy the PORTED map. ATTENTION The Land Of OOO is really buggy. Like really. The programm I used to port the map still had the hight limit and so some kingdoms and areas are gone crap. The Candy Kingdom and the Ice Kingdom are the ones that are most effected by this.

I am a big fan of Adventure Time and Minecraft. The map is approximately x blocks and I plan to put in most of the notable locations in Ooo. Land of the dead? Nightosphere? The coast With those bussiness men? To Make Mars you can use the Anti-Gravity mod and make a planet With it. Anyway, You know. I have the land of ooo map terrain downloaded from Kleppy I have the treehouse almost finished just need the interior put in. I will be adding the candy kingdom as well as the ice kingdom and other mini side places to visit. This map is for looks right now but will be made into a new and improved adventure time adventure. I'm am currently working on my first MCEdit project, Adventure time's Land of Ooo . It contains the following locations and hopefully many more to be adde.

30 May But this isn't just another skin pack - goodness no - as the entire land of Ooo takes over your Minecraft world! Take Fionna and Cake on a tour of the Candy Kingdom, fight Ice King in the Ice Kingdom and even take a trip with Flame Princess to the Fire Kingdom! And much much more! Not a fan of the show?.


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