Core Cart System Hosted on Your Server
What we will need from you:

We will completely install the Core Cart System on your server. The installation only takes a few hours to complete.

The installation is a "Bare Cart". It does Not contain any of your products. It will contain Demo products for you to use as examples for your own products.

60 Day teaching and support is included.

The system requires a Linux server or a windows server capable of emulating a Linus operating system enviornment.

Start selling your products online today.

Accepting Credit Cards will require an Online Merchant acccount. The process is very easy. There are small monthly fees associated with Credit Card Processing. We Highly Recommend An Initial $99.00 setup fee for Credit Card Processing. It takes approximately 72 hours. To see actual pricing and make the application now simply. [Click Here]

Starting off, most just use PayPal. Just use your exsisting PayPal account or create one. That process takes about 3 days also.

1. The domain name or IP address of your current hosting service.

2. The Login and Password for that account.

3. A little bit of other information you will provide during the purchase process.

4. Your credit card will be billed the first of each month for $29.95. Your first month is FREE.

Unlimited Products

$29.99 per month
Visa/Master Card/American Express

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Adding a product
Editing a product
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