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Youtube button disappeared

3 Mar I had this problem until literally 2 minutes ago. I have Windows 7 and I just saw there was an update for Chrome. After applying the update the black bar went away. Sorry I can't help with your issue, but maybe Firefox just needs an update. Maybe missed a previous post apologies if that is the case! Just tried to cast YouTube and can't find the cast button anywhere? Tried my HTC one and nexus 7 Both have worked flawlessly as recent as am I missing? Thanks! Sent from my HTCLVW using AC Forums mobile app. Some things to try if the YouTube icon is missing from your Apple iPhone or iPad.

Expand the extension button area by clicking the Chrome Settings menu More menu in the upper-right hand corner of your browser to see if you can locate the Cast button there. Note: You can restore the Cast button to your toolbar by right- clicking on the button and clicking Keep in Toolbar. The Cast button disappeared . I hate the new YouTube layout, and the Restore Old Youtube button is gone. Help. I had embedded many Youtube videos to my Facebook timeline and all of them had play buttons before enabling the videos to be watched on the Facebook timeline itself. Just a few days back all the play buttons were suddenly missing from the embedded Youtube videos and clicking on any of the images.

Oddly enough, this works on my FB page, but not personal time line (about two days now). I get the link and the image, but no play button on the image. If.


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